Lightning Bugz Rentals provides affordable, eco-friendly Low Speed Vehicles and Charleston golf cart rentals to vacationers and commercial businesses. We take the hassle out of getting around your destination. Whether it is going from your rental property to the beach, wedding and event set-up and transportation, or property maintenance needs, we have a Bug just for you. We provide LSV and golf cart rentals in Charleston, Isle of Palms, Sullivan’s Island, Folly Beach, Kiawah, and Seabrook. We also serve Anna Maria Island, Florida!

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Texting or Email is best please.

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Seabrook Island

Conveniently located yet slightly secluded, Seabrook Island vacations are perfect for extreme relaxation. Not only will you find mile after mile of South Carolina’s beautiful beachfront, but you can also take in the views of the island’s bountiful bird population. You and your family will love taking in all the beauty of Seabrook Island and getting around will be a breeze with one of our LSVs DAY OR NIGHT unlike a normal golf cart rental!

What makes us different than other rentals on the island?

  • The ONLY GAS LSV option!


  • You can not have more car passes than the house has bedrooms and an LSV cart rental counts as a pass. (Example: A two bedroom house is only allowed 2 car passes and the cart rental counts as 1)
  • LSV carts must park just like regular cars except for designated LSV parking spots. They can not park in landscaped areas or off the side of a driveway, path or road.

All regular automobile driving and parking laws and restrictions apply to your LSV rental in addition to the following location specific restrictions:

    • NO driving on bike paths, sidewalks, golf course paths, beach accesses or the beach!
    • Pelican Watch Villas does not allow cart rentals to be parked in its parking lot but you can park at the beach access on Seabrook Island Road right outside the entrance of the parking lot. You would need to rent a gas powered cart if your staying at Pelican Watch Villas.
    • Atrium Villas ONLY ALLOWS gas powered carts. No electric carts.
    • All riders must be seated in a seat and use seatbelts.
    • Rental refunds are not given to those that rent a cart at a location they are not allowed and renters are responsible for any tickets or towing fees incurred due to illegal parking.


  • ALL CART RENTALS are to be picked up and returned to the Seabrook Island Amenities office parking lot located just outside the front Security gate. (1002 Landfall Way).
  • DO NOT ask staff inside the office for assistance as they are NOT affiliated with Lightning Bugz.
  • This location does NOT have “Store” hours…so you literally can pick up your cart anytime after 4pm and return it anytime before 10am per the dates you put on the reservation request form! 
  • Your cart is usually labeled with your name on the front windshield. When you book, you will receive information on how to get the keys.
  • If there is an issue or question PLEASE TEXT us at 843-609-8776.


  • Please return the cart fully fueled or incur a $20 re-fuel fee. The cart can be re-fueled with regular unleaded fuel at the Freshfields gas station. You might use a couple gallons at most the entire week! (We recommend doing this your last day, last evening or the morning of your return and please pull to the side and either let cars pass or hand signal them to pass to avoid holding up traffic!)
  • You must have access to a 110v (three prong) outlet to charge.
  • You must be able to charge the cart out in the open, not in a covered area or garage.
  • Do not alter the power cord provided.
  • Please return the cart fully charged or incur a $100 fee.

Cancellation Policy: 

This is a non-refundable reservation but you have options. You may cancel at any time, for any reason and receive a future rental credit that does not expire without any additional expenses.

When you are making the reservation you will have an option to buy a $30 covid coverage plan with Lightning Bugz. This plan allows you to cancel up to 5 days prior to your arrival and receive a full refund of the rental rate. The ticket service fee from the reservation system is not refundable. This coverage is only applicable if someone you’re traveling with has a positive test result and you are canceling your entire trip. Proof of positive test results as well as proof of trip cancellation will be required to be emailed to

After booking you have the option to buy “excursion protection” through Allianz which covers most reasons, other than Covid related issues, why you would not be able to continue with your rental. You will be able to read their coverage before you buy it.

4 Passenger - Electric Cart

Premium LSV

6 Passenger - Gas Cart

Drive day/night 75+ miles before refueling

6 Passenger - Electric Cart

Drive day/night approx. 25 miles before re-charging